June 20, 2024

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When DeSantis sees himself among the apostles of Jesus

When DeSantis sees himself among the apostles of Jesus

It’s sometimes hard to escape the feeling that Ron DeSantis is always doing more than what Republican voters ask him to vote for. He insisted on repeating the word “awakened.” Two or three times An example in the same sentence. His decision to go to war against Disney to protect Disney’s “Don’t Say Gay” law is different. But his latest effort to woo evangelical Christians is perhaps a special case.

Once upon a time Interview Given to the Christian Broadcasting Network, the Florida governor said he wants to live among the apostles of Jesus. “These people have dedicated their lives to spreading the Gospel. I think about it again, I want to be at their side,” said one who was never recognized for his religious piety or Christian compassion. After all, can one think that the apostle of Jesus would have tried to use the misery of helpless foreigners to promote the message of Christ?

Of course, MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan saw nothing more in the Republican presidential candidate’s statement than a “blatant” attempt to woo evangelical voters. Here’s how he took issue with co-star Ayman Mohaildin on Sunday after calling DeSantis “absolute arrogance”:

“Imagine for a second that there was a Ron with Pierre, Jean, Jack and company. Whenever Jesus helped the poor, a Ron who used loaves and fishes to feed the hungry said, “You are very awake, Jesus. You are very awake. Let them take care of themselves.” Each time Jesus said, “We must welcome refugees and immigrants.” Ron told him, “Jesus, stop fussing. Send them to Martha’s Vineyard. The Holy Land is the tomb of Voxism. »

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Hassan adds: “The truth is that the Jesus of the Gospels and his followers were too left-wing for Ronald DeSantis. »

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