April 13, 2024

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kyiv says it took back 18 km2 from russians last week | War in Ukraine

kyiv says it took back 18 km2 from russians last week |  War in Ukraine

Kiev said on Monday it had recaptured 18 square kilometers of Ukrainian territory from Russian forces in a week, including 7 around the devastated city of Baghmoud, which came under Russian control in May after months of deadly fighting.

As a result of improved positioning and alignment over the past week [tactiques] From the front line in the direction of Bagmouth, an area of ​​7 square kilometers was liberatedDeputy Defense Minister of Ukraine Khanna Maliar said in a telegram.

He said 11 square kilometers had been retaken in the south in a week, bringing the total territory the Ukrainians claim to have retaken in the country last week to 18 square kilometers.

According to Ms. Maliar, since Ukraine launched its counteroffensive in early June, it has recovered 180 square kilometers in the south of the country and 30 square kilometers in the east, mainly around Baghmouth, for a total of 210 square kilometers.

Despite Kiev’s long-awaited supply of Western weapons, the Ukrainian military faces Russian troops who have had time to establish strong defenses, including powerful minefields, and have significant firepower to shell Ukrainian forces.

On Friday, Andriï Iermak, head of the Ukrainian presidential administration, admitted that the counteroffensive was not progressing “quickly enough”.

On Sunday, Ukrainian civil servants indicated that it had continued its military offensive in the southeast, while Khanna Maliar triggered a situation. intensified Near the city of Kubiansk in the northeast of the country, where the Ukrainian army is stationed Defense.

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