April 17, 2024

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The abducted woman fought for her life for 48 hours

The abducted woman fought for her life for 48 hours

An Alabama woman who mysteriously returned home two days after being abducted from the side of a highway says she was “fighting for her life.”

Carlethia “Carlee” Nichole Russell disappeared after stopping her vehicle on Interstate-459 to help a toddler who was walking alone.

However, the 25-year-old woman was allegedly abducted by one or more traffickers who allegedly used the child to trap her.

In a post shared on Facebook, his wife, Tomar Latrell Simmons, indicated that the young woman had experienced an ordeal when she was abducted.

“She literally had to fight for her life for 48 hours, so that until her physical and mental condition was restored, she could not be heard from or give any information about her captors,” he writes.

The latter thanked everyone who helped him in his efforts to find his wife.

Carlethea Nicole Russell was picked up at her home in Hoover City on Saturday, two days after she disappeared. She appeared to be in shock and was taken to the hospital for evaluation.

The police said that time should be given before questioning him.

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