May 19, 2024

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Xi Jinping rejects Justin Trudeau

Xi Jinping rejects Justin Trudeau

Chinese President Xi Jinping blamed the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Leaked to the media following their meeting on Tuesday, he accused her of damaging diplomatic ties between the two countries and later warned him in untranslated comments that a lack of respect would have consequences.

During a discussion that could be recorded by journalists attending the G20 summit in Indonesia on Wednesday, Mr. Xi “everything [ils ont] There has been talk of a leak in the media, which he says is “not appropriate”. Mr. “That’s not how the conversation went,” Mr. Trudeau said before interrupting.

However, before the translator started to translate that part of the comments, Mr. Shi went on to say something in Mandarin that didn’t end up being translated into English.

“We must keep the safeguards in a respectful manner,” Ji said in Mandarin. Otherwise, the results cannot be predicted. »

Mr. When Trudeau spoke, that is, Mr. Before that part of Xi’s message was translated, he said: “We believe in free, open and transparent dialogue, and we will continue to do so.” We will continue to try to work together constructively, but there will always be things we disagree on. »

“Let’s make conditions first,” President Xi replied through an interpreter.

The two leaders shook hands at the end of the discussion.

Trudeau’s office said the two discussed Ukraine, Russia’s invasion of North Korea and climate change during the brief summit.

His office said it has raised concerns about China’s interference in Canada. The prime minister did not specify what kind of interference it was, but the comment followed accusations that Beijing was leading the charge In practice Police Stations in Canada That China would have intervened in it 2019 Federal Election.

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