March 3, 2024

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Lamar Jackson tweets he loves the Baltimore Ravens, cites ‘mistaken account’ of uncertain future

Lamar Jackson tweets he loves the Baltimore Ravens, cites 'mistaken account' of uncertain future

Owings Mills, Maryland – Lamar Jackson He wants to end all speculation that he is looking to leave the Baltimore Ravens.

Amid faltering negotiations over a long-term contract and uncertainty over whether Jackson has set his sights on free agency in 2025, the quarterback star tweeted Wednesday that he loves the Ravens and cited a “false narrative” that he’s considering leaving the franchise.

The tweet comes at a time when Jackson has not shown any interest in participating in contract extension talks.

Both Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti and general manager Eric DeCosta have said the team is committed to signing Jackson for the long-term, but the 2019 NFL MVP has not expressed any urgency to talk about a new deal. DeCosta indicated on March 2 that he had once contacted Jackson via text messages over the past month.

Jackson, 25, is entering his fifth year option, which will pay him $23.016 million this season. If the two parties cannot reach a contract extension by the following season, Baltimore will have to put the franchise tag on Jackson to prevent him from becoming a free agent.

Bisciotti said on Tuesday he did not expect Jackson to sign an extension before the start of the 2022 season “unless he changes his mind” and described Jackson’s decision to wait as “unique”.

“We’ll pay him when he’s ready,” Bisciotti said.

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Bisciotti, who had not spoken to Jackson about his contract, wondered if Jackson would take the same route he took Kirk Cousinswho became the first quarterback in NFL history to earn the franchise label in consecutive years before leaving to sign with the Minnesota Vikings on free agency.

“And that gives me three years to win the Super Bowl so you can make $60 million in the middle, because that’s where it’s going to be four years from now,” Bisciotti said.

Bisciotti then added that Jackson “is a unique cat, and what would you do with a young man who wants to be unique?”

“You don’t tire him out to be observant,” said Pisciotti. “We take it like we take it. We appreciate it. All I know is that his teammates love him and they love him in the front office. He’s like, ‘You keep doing you, Lamar, and we’re going to make it happen somehow.'”

Quarterback bills Josh AllenJackson, who was on Jackson’s side for 2018, signed a six-year, $258 million extension last summer averaging $43 million a season and includes a guaranteed $100 million.

Since then, the quarterback market has soared. Aaron Rodgers He became the highest-paid midfielder of the season with an average contract of $50 million per year, and Deshaun Watson He set a record with his fully guaranteed deal of $230 million.