July 14, 2024

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Lawyers Ask Judge to Confirm Vandalism Order Against Donald Trump | Donald Trump faces justice

Lawyers Ask Judge to Confirm Vandalism Order Against Donald Trump |  Donald Trump faces justice

Manhattan prosecutors are urging the judge overseeing Donald Trump’s criminal trial to uphold a gag order barring the former president from criticizing jurors, court staff or members of the prosecution who convicted him. They agreed, however, that they could remove a provision of the peace order that would have prevented Donald Trump from attacking trial witnesses in the case.

In court documents filed Friday, attorneys for the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office argued that portions of the gag order should be granted. Trump’s singular history of inflammatory and threatening public statements as well as the efforts of its proponents to identify jurors and threaten them with violence.

After the verdict in this case, the defendant did not excuse the jurors from his alarming rhetoric that he had every right to retaliate as president against those participating in this trial following his conviction, because sometimes retribution can be justified.The file says.

The hush-hush order from March allows Donald Trump to direct or direct others to make public statements about witnesses, jurors and others related to the case.

He did not, however, restrict the views of the judge, Juan Mercen, or the Manhattan District Attorney, Alvin Bragg, to the prosecution.

In the name of freedom of expression

Donald Trump’s lawyers asked the judge to lift the order following his trial, which ended last month with convictions on 34 counts of falsifying documents to cover up a possible sex scandal. The celebrity defendant, who has pleaded not guilty, will be sentenced on July 11.

Defense attorneys have argued that the former president should be free to speak publicly about the investigation as he tries to return to the White House, pointing to President Joe Biden’s comments and continued public criticism of his former lawyer, Michael Cohen. Both former porn star Stormy Daniels are key witnesses in the case.

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Now that the trial is over, the concerns expressed by the government and the court do not justify continued restrictions on First Amendment rightsDonald Trump’s lawyers wrote earlier this month.

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Brock has come under fire from Republicans and their supporters since Donald Trump’s conviction.

Photo: AP / Seth Wenik

Prosecutors said in their letter that there is no longer a need to enforce the rule barring witness statements at trial.

Mr. They said restrictions on reports about lawyers and court staff and their family members should remain in place in cases other than Prague.

Judge Merson is expected to make his decision shortly before the June 27 debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Earlier this week, New York’s Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal of Donald Trump’s hush order, ruling that it did not raise constitutional questions. Substantial This warrants immediate intervention.