June 15, 2024

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Lebanon is burying victims of violent conflicts amid high tensions

Six of the seven people killed were members of two Shia factions who staged a protest outside the capital’s courthouse on Thursday, demanding the transfer of the trial judge. The biggest explosion in the port of Beirut It killed more than 200 people last year.

The violence escalates on Friday in a country where Hezbollah and its allies are demanding the departure of Judge Tarek Bidar. Despite the pressures, the magistrate wants to prosecute several officers as part of the investigation into the matter The earthquake hit the country, In the words of former Prime Minister Hassan Diab.

But politicians refuse to question whether officials have acknowledged that high levels of exploded ammonium nitrate have been stored for years without precautions.

On Friday, during the funeral of two Hezbollah members in the southern suburbs of Beirut, Hachem Safidin, a senior training officer, blamed the Christian party on Lebanese forces. Deliberately provoked a massacre The day before, for training A new civil war.

Hundreds of people attended the funeral of two Hezbollah activists, whose coffins were wrapped in the party’s yellow flag and designed by tired militants. A third Hezbollah member was buried north of Beirut.

The coffins of Hezbollah activists were killed the day before, wrapped in the party’s yellow flag and framed by tired militants.

Photo: Getty Images / Marwan Dahda

The Amal movement, for its part, buried three of its members, one of whom, 26, was buried amid heavy gunfire as women threw flowers at a coffin during a funeral in a village in Lebanon.

The seventh victim, a mother of five, was killed by a misfire while at home. It is calculated in the middle Martyrs Of Hezbollah.

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The threat of civil war re-emerged

Both Shia groups have accused Lebanese forces of stopping gunmen on the roofs of surrounding buildings and targeting their supporters in accessing Christian neighborhoods adjacent to the area.

The formation of Samir Kekia denied these allegations, calling for an official inquiry and accusing Hezbollah. Invaded Christian apartments.

Friday newspaper Al-Akbar. Planned, prepared, and executed a major crime.

Tensions are high on Friday, which was declared a day of national mourning. Lebanese army in action in Dayone district, setting up roadblocks to control cars, according to reportersAFP.

Business owners and residents inspected the damage and cleaned the broken glass. We came back in 1975, Fawzi Zakir, a car dealer in Dione, lamented.

Two people wiped near the burnt motorcycle.

Men clear a street after violent clashes that rocked Shia sects in Beirut the previous day.

Photo: Reuters / Mohammad Asagir

On Thursday, hundreds of Amal and Hezbollah militants were stationed near the old border line during the civil war (1975-1990) between Muslim and Christian neighbors in the area near the courthouse.

The exact circumstances of the violence in this field are not clear. The military said Fire exchange […] When protesters went to protest in front of the court. Home Minister Pasam Mawlavi said Snipers Opened fire on protesters.

The flood of fire that landed in this area frightened the people and revived the fear of civil war which they believed to have forgotten.

Calls for an impartial inquiry

Russia on Friday summoned those involved in the crisis Show control And Riyadh asked Lebanese leaders Real and radical changes. The day before, France had called Satisfaction And the United States Expansion.

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UN spokesman Stephen Dujarric called Stop provocative actions And a request Impartial investigation In the explosion at the port.

Mr. Following the dismissal of appeals by deputies and former ministers against Peter, the Cassation Court allowed his trial to resume.

However, the judge will not be able to do so until Tuesday, when the new parliamentary session will begin.

The families of the victims of the bombing are forced Close teams […] Because all that is happening is an attempt to divide us and undermine our causeSaid William Noun, who lost his brother whenCatastrophic eruption on August 4, 2020 in the port of Beirut.