April 17, 2024

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Legislature in France: Macron loses his absolute majority

Legislature in France: Macron loses his absolute majority

President Emmanuel Macron lost his absolute majority in the National Assembly after the second round of assembly elections in France, which, according to predictions, was marked by strong advances from the far right.

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If these results are confirmed, it will be a major setback for the French president, who will have to find alliances to implement his reform plan over the next five years.

According to the first estimates of the voting companies, the president’s coalition will get 200 to 260 seats. It is far from an absolute majority of 289 representatives (out of 577) in the National Assembly.

For its part, the Jean-Luc Mélenchon-led Left Alliance Nupes is between 150 and 200 delegates, and, according to these estimates, becomes the first opposition party in the legislature.

Significant improvement

The far-right National Rally (RN) party of the Marine Le Pen won 60 to 100 delegates, according to the same sources, indicating significant progress.

Unexpectedly, the fourth election in two months after the presidential election was boycotted by the French, while part of the country experienced an unprecedented heat wave. According to opinion polls, 53.5% to 54% did not vote more than one point from the first round (52.49%). However, this does not reach the record for the second round of 2017 (57.36%).

The exact distribution of the 577 seats in the National Assembly will not be known until tonight.

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For the united left – for decades – Sunday evening results mean it will become the main opposition in the legislature, a role that has so far been considered by the right.

This election marks the end of a long electoral cycle that ensured a broader political restructuring around the three constituencies in France, to the detriment of both the right and left traditional parties. A restructuring began as soon as Macron was selected.

In the wake of a series of crises, from the Kovit-19 epidemic to the war in Ukraine, including rising inflation and threats to the economy, the French would have gone to the polls at least four times in two years.

At home, Emmanuel Macron dramatized the issue, stressing that the conflict in Ukraine was affecting the daily lives of French people and that “a real European France needed to speak with a clear and distinct voice.”

He described the threat as “serious” and said that its success would, according to him, sow the seeds of “corruption” in France and that they wanted to leave the European Union (EU).

But the French did not see it that way.

For Marine Le Pen, who is already a finalist in the presidential election, this is an undeniable victory: his party is advancing, and for the second time in history has formed a committee in the National Assembly that crosses the 15-member border. Party, after 1986.

As for the classic franchise, it stores furniture with about sixty delegates, and will have to find itself as an arbitrator in a future assembly.

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The day got off to a bad start for the presidential majority, with Secretary of State for Maritime Affairs Justin Benin being defeated by a left-wing candidate in Guadeloupe.

According to the unwritten rule, but already in 2017 Emmanuel Macron, m.Me Benin must leave the government.

This applies to many ministers in the region who have been engaged in fierce fighting against the left, including Clement Beyonc ஐரோ (Europe), Amelie de Montzalin (environmental change) or Stanislas Gourini (public service), the leader of the presidential party. Parisian. On the other hand, Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne won her fight in Normandy.