July 17, 2024

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Live | Advances in Govt-19

Live |  Advances in Govt-19

Whether in Quebec or anywhere else on the planet, the Govt-19 epidemic has been ravaging our lives for more than a year and a half.

Here you can find all the news related to this crisis affecting population, governments and economy throughout the day.

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Case: 243 477 170

Mortality: 4,946,277

United States

Case: 45 428 030

Mortality: 735,799


Ontario: 597,145 cases (9,845 deaths)

Quebec: 422,242 cases (11,470 deaths)

Alberta: 319,176 cases (3,026 deaths)

British Columbia: 200,898 cases (2,109 deaths)

Saskatchewan: 76,074 cases (817 deaths)

Manitoba: 62,588 cases (1,235 deaths)

Nova Scotia: 7,208 cases (98 deaths)

New Brunswick: 6,112 cases (107 deaths)

Newfoundland and Labrador: 1,928 cases (15 deaths)

Northwest Territories: 1,786 cases (9 deaths)

Yukon: 877 cases (10 deaths)

Nunavut: 674 cases (4 deaths)

Prince Edward Island: 315 cases

Canadian Returnees: 13 cases

Total: 1,697,036 cases (28,745 deaths)


9 hours 12 | At the same time affected by influenza and gout: severe symptoms and risk of hospitalization

A person infected with both the influenza virus and the Govt-19 virus can develop very severe symptoms and be hospitalized, even if they are not vaccinated.

6:44 am | China: Wuhan Marathon postponed due to Govt, almost 100 days before the Olympics

The Wuhan Marathon, scheduled for Sunday, has been postponed for a moment amid growing concerns about a resurgence of the corona virus in China ahead of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.

China announced 26 new COVID-19 cases in the country on Sunday, 100 days before the start of the game.

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