May 22, 2024

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Macron warns US of ‘fragmentation of the West’

Macron warns US of ‘fragmentation of the West’

On the first day of an official visit to celebrate Franco-American friendship, the French president did not hide his concerns during a lunch with members of the American parliament.

Massive subsidies decided by the President of the United States in a major economic and social law called the Inflationary Reduction Act (IRA). Very aggressive for our companiesHe wailed, an AFP journalist in the room said.

I don’t want to become a market for American products because I have products like yours. I am middle class [qui doit] People who need to work and look for work. And the resultIRA You may solve your problem, but you’ll make mine worse. I’m sorry for being so direct. »

A quote Emmanuel Macron, President of France

Put yourself in my placeHe told elected officials during the meeting about climate change He is respected as a good friend.

The French president reiterated his concerns later in the evening during a speech to the French community at the French Embassy.

Electives, whose aims I share, espIRAChoices that tear the West apartEmmanuel Macron said.

Emphasizing the alliance with America Stronger than anythingHowever, he warned against it danger That Europe and France become a sort of adjusting variable The rivalry between the two leading world powers, the US and China.

A plea for syncretism

France is concerned about the unbridled economic patriotism displayed by the US Democratic leader, who has given himself a warning. Made in USA.

Joe Biden specifically wants to boost the electric vehicle industry, aiming to boost both industrial employment, the energy transition and technological competition with China.

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The French President has mentioned that Didn’t believe it for a second He pleaded for a better harmonization between America and Europe.

Karen Jean-Pierre, a spokeswoman for Joe Biden, reiterated Washington’s position thatIRA to create Significant opportunities for European businesses and European energy security. It is not a zero sum game.

Emmanuel Macron’s state visit, with Joe Biden the first foreign leader to hold this diplomatic honor, continued in a more solemn tone.

The head of state visited Arlington National Cemetery, where he laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, but also laid a white rose at the grave of Pierre Charles L’Enfont, the French architect who drew the plans for the American capital.

After a meeting on civilian nuclear power and a meeting with French society, Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron will meet Joe and Jill Biden for an intimate dinner Thursday, far beyond the formal pomp the White House uses for the French president. Cannon, meeting and dinner in the Oval Office.

Lobster and jazz

The first lady briefed reporters on Wednesday about the reception under a large tent on the White House grounds. An expression of welcome and friendliness.

The White House kitchen staff prepares the menu to be served to President Emmanuel Macron.

Photo: Getty Images/Kevin Deitch

Photographers were able to machine-gun tables laden with white, blue, and red flowers and elaborate dishes—lobster, beef, and American cheeses.

Jill Biden praised the personal relationships between the two presidential couples and explained that she has one Instant connection Due to their similar professional background in teaching with Brigitte Macron.

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The evening will be hosted by New Orleans-based jazzman John Bautista, who will be visiting Emmanuel Macron on Friday. This singer and songwriter is an artist committed to protecting the rights of African-Americans.

Forget the submarine issue

On the American side, we hope to turn the tide of last year’s bitter diplomatic crisis for good.

In September 2021, the US announced a new alliance, AUKUSAlong with Australia and the United Kingdom, France was sidelined in a key region of the world, angering France. Canberra loses mega deal to sell submarines

In addition to the issue of trade protection, Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron will discuss major international issues on Thursday: China and Ukraine.