May 22, 2024

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Mass murder as a social phenomenon

Mass murder as a social phenomenon

In every American massacre, the ritual is the same: this planet, scared, wonders why America can’t control guns.

We understand why. Seen from a distance, American gun culture is disgusting. Moreover, many Americans regret that, although it is almost impossible for the American political system to introduce large-scale legislation, it will significantly reduce their circulation or at least not allow them easy access.

But what was once said was little said.


Because an essential part is found elsewhere.

At the center of American culture, how do you explain the circulation of these diseased impulses, imagining that some people can become kings of the world by thinking of nothing, idolizing evil, and reflecting the devil?

The attacker of the school does not attack a place like other places: he attacks the place to be protected. Anyone who attacks children strikes in the face of innocence.

The one who attacks the school where the children are and kills them is known to commit the biggest violation. He commits an act that can be called a horrible act.

Then we ask a simple and complex question: What happened to American society to pay for these impulses at the heart of social life?

How did the massacre become a series of social events?

By what curse do murderers want to follow each other?

I say this knowing that questions like these seem strange in our world, which does not take evil seriously, and tends to reduce it to mental illness.

We understand this reflex: Evil is a psychological, mysterious problem, a mystery that can never be explained at the heart of human nature.

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Psychiatry is a curable disease and we can take care of it and hope that one day in the future it will be cured as there is progress in psychiatry.

All of this affects our perception of man.

The modern world, following in the footsteps of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, wanted to believe that man was essentially good and that it was society that corrupted him.

He wanted to believe that one day we would find an advanced society that would turn evil into a residual problem and disappear. But that is not the truth of human nature.

Good and evil are intertwined in the heart of man.


And in the hearts of some human beings, evil dominates, seduces, and hypnotizes.

The drama of American society is that it is so damaging that it allows these cranks to sow death around them, destroying a world they want to scream at and incinerate.

We saw it again in Texas, which reminded us that life on earth sometimes takes the face of hell on earth.