March 1, 2024

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Appointment cancellation waves due to Govt

Appointment cancellation waves due to Govt

Hairdressers, Tattooists, Physiotherapists: With the increasing incidence of Kovit-19 vulnerabilities, cancellation headaches for professionals working with appointments have resumed.

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“The really boring thing is, it’s mostly last minute [que les gens apprennent qu’ils sont positifs ou cas contact]So even if we have a waiting list, we can not fill the void left by the canceled meeting, ”laments Alexandre Onkill, co-owner of Process Hairdressers in Montreal.

It has been the same for professionals who provide services by appointment since the onset of the epidemic. With each new wave of pollution, the cancellation follows one another at the same rate as the increase in cases.

But for some time, the problem has intensified, some experts explain. According to Johnny Pierre of Studio Tattoo Shake, the event is widespread in Quebec as well.

“In one week, we canceled about ten appointments, and two of our tattoo artists had a cove. Fortunately, we still have a lot of people who can call us and fill in the gaps, ”explains the bookkeeper.

Revenue losses

When cancellations cannot be filled, it can mean loss of hundreds of dollars in lost revenue.

“For the past three weeks, it’s been canceled almost every day. Fortunately, we’m asking for a deposit, which reduces the losses a bit, but it does not cover a day’s work,” explains Paul Vernadon, a tattoo artist at Studio Zen Tattoo in Laval.

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Jean-François Trudel, owner of Studio Zen Tattoo, says, “A $ 200 deposit does not cover 20 hours of work on a design.

On the side of the stadium PC-Osteo Clinic, in Montreal and Langue, it is feared that sixth wave pollution will exacerbate this phenomenon, especially since January.

“Of course this has a financial impact on the clinic, but sometimes even on employees who finish early and work short hours,” says Anayal Pouliou, operational coordinator.

The same goes for hair salons where stylists rent their work chairs.

“If the client does not come, the hairdresser loses money,” says Alexandre Anktil.

Govind is not alone

Feliciano Rousseau, owner of the Lamech salon in Montreal, lamented that the epidemic was not the only reason for many last-minute cancellations.

“Since we were able to reopen, people are now calling to make an appointment at many salons, and they are only showing up to the one that suits them, but not telling others,” he says.