June 17, 2024

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Melina Roberge: Prison of Instagram

Melina Roberge: Prison of Instagram

From the beginning, I was captivated by the story of two Quebec women who went to jail in Australia for importing 23 kilos of cocaine.

Inspired by their bikini world tour and obsession with their figure.

I confess: I read the book in one sitting. Without filter Written by Mélina Roberge, with my colleague Claudia Berthiaume.

After reading this book, I confirmed that Melina Roberge’s loss was due to her addiction to social media.

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A sad example

Mélina Roberge has one major flaw: she is very naive. But she has one great quality: she is very open.

In this book, she doesn’t hide that she’s made a big fool of herself, she doesn’t want to draw your pity, and she especially doesn’t want to glorify or trivialize the importation of cocaine.

But most of all, she’s very candid when she admits that she accepted a two-month all-expenses-paid trip to increase her Instagram followers and get “likes” (she knows she’s helping Coke with transportation. )

She was arrested, charged and sentenced in Australia. And I want to quote you a long paragraph of what the Australian judge said at the time of her sentencing, because I think it’s important.

“One of her motivations is to have a good time traveling and posting pictures of herself in exotic places on Instagram to get attention and likes.

This is a very sad example of his age group in our society, which derives its value from the likes it receives on Instagram, making them marketable commodities. […]

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A 22-year-old is willing to engage in cocaine importation so he can post his sexy photos on social media and get likes. She loved to be envied by others. I doubt she is now. It reveals the negative impact of social media on young women like the criminal.

Can you print these difficult passages from an Australian judge and distribute them to Quebec schools, ségéps and universities? As a warning against the dangers of selfimania.

Yesterday, I had Melina on my show on QUB Radio. After our interview, he told me that he wanted to give talks at educational institutions and meet young people. This is a great idea.

To get “likes”, Melina Roberge said yes to drug traffickers. Could his five years in Australian prisons at least be a warning to young people?

There is no “like” worth selling coke or selling your soul.

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A tamper

I will allow only one question: if Melina Roberge has big hands, big skulls, a big mustache and a leather jacket, in other words, if she has the typical image of a citizen who committed a crime and served five years in prison. , will the public of Quebec give him a second chance?