June 17, 2024

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Dead or Exiled from Ukrainian Troops: What Happens to the Quebec Sniper Wall?

Dead or Exiled from Ukrainian Troops: What Happens to the Quebec Sniper Wall?

What is happening to the Quebec sniper who went to fight in Ukraine earlier this month? Following rumors that he was dead, it appears that the ‘world’s greatest sniper’ may have been expelled from the regiment in which he fought.

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“Wally was a non-compliant man and I had to send him to another unit of his choice because he violated clear instructions and guidelines on security measures,” Wally said, according to the Norman Brigade’s commanding officer. Joined.

His comments have been posted on the latter’s Facebook page.

The two will be friends. Wally would have joined the battalion at his request to defend the Ukrainians against the Russian soldiers.

“The Ukrainians especially asked the snipers. We can not say in our time that this is not our problem because these are fights between powers. It always affects us,” he explained before departure.

But now Wally would be more involved in prestige and media recognition, to the extent that he would have become “dangerous to the work,” but also for the safety of others.

“We love Wally from the bottom of our hearts because he’s a friend in the first place. Until proven otherwise, he’s safe and sound,” says the Norman Brigade’s Facebook post.

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Earlier this week, rumors spread around the world that Wally had been killed 20 minutes later in Mariupol.

This information was denied on Wally’s Facebook page. Torch and sword – lamp and sword.

“Don’t worry about my safety. I’m already far from the site of yesterday’s bombing. I’m already been there, but in a nutshell,” it wrote.

Wally, a former soldier, sniper and father, voluntarily fled to Iraq in 2015.

In recent years, he has sparked controversy, especially since he described everything he experienced on the front without filtering.

With information from Karian Bourassa