July 17, 2024

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According to a resident of Ukraine, Kiev was not a foregone conclusion for the Russians

According to a resident of Ukraine, Kiev was not a foregone conclusion for the Russians

A resident of the city of Saitomir, 150 km from the Ukrainian capital, said that despite Russia’s progress on Ukrainian soil in recent weeks, the capture of the capital, Kiev, was not a foretaste of Vladimir Putin.

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“I can describe the situation in Kiev: the tanks have run out of fuel, the soldiers have been supplying food for three days and they have been there for 17 days … this is a completely irregular attack,” said Jackie Lepas, who lives 150 km from Kiev.

What’s more, the dissolution period worked against Russian forces trying to continue the invasion.

“The tanks are sinking because the freeze is over. In Kiev, it’s stuck; and what’s going to happen? He’s going to fall in front of a real wave of humans.

As for Jackie Lepas, there is no doubt: “Kiev’s capture is completely lost to Vladimir Putin.”

How far will Putin go?

However, the Russian president did not say his last word. If Vladimir Putin wins, he will be satisfied with capturing only Ukraine. Lepas suspects.

“You have to read between the lines to know that it’s not going to stand there. He likes Lithuania, Georgia, Moldova, and he also likes Poland,” he noted.

However, the one who can predict how far the Russian president will go is very smart and he is ready to use it to achieve his objectives.

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“This war is not going to end like this. We are not in front of a normal character. We are not in front of a strategist. The biggest military experts are really upset because we do not know what he can do when he is cornered, ”he said. Lepas said.

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