April 16, 2024

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The only abortion hospital in North Dakota goes to Minnesota

The only abortion hospital in North Dakota goes to Minnesota

After the Supreme Court quashed the judgment, Roe V. Wade, who legalized abortion in the United States, is the only abortion clinic in North Dakota to cross state borders to move to Minnesota to continue its practice.

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Located in Bargo, Red River Women’s Hospital has been the state’s only provider clinic for 20 years, but is awaiting closure from Friday’s verdict, CNN reported.

“The plan is to provide services as legally as we can,” clinic director Tammy Cromanecker told the media.

North Dakota is one of 13 states that have enacted legislation banning abortion automatically if the Supreme Court reconsiders its interpretation of the Constitution. The law is expected to take effect 30 days after it is certified by the state attorney general.

So the clinic chose to relocate about 15 minutes from its current location, but in the neighboring state of Minnesota.

With a lot of work still to be done, GoFundMe was already created to raise money for the new location. A donation of $ 500,000 has been made until Saturday afternoon, which is more than the initial purpose.

Although Friday was supposed to be a normal day at the clinic, the late decision in the morning changed Ms. Kromanaker’s team.

“I saw the message on my computer and one of the staff shouted and we cried and got very angry,” he noted.

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That’s when the phones started ringing for patients who were calling to make an appointment as soon as possible.

“I had to pull myself together and make these appointments,” the director said. “This is a surreal and paradoxical moment.”

There was already an influx of patients from South Dakota and Minnesota due to hospital closures and staffing problems.

“The result [de déménager] It was devastating, but when you look at this level of support, it reaffirms what I already know about the vast majority of people who support abortion, “said Cromenecker.