April 24, 2024

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Five meter python caught in Florida

Five meter python caught in Florida

The conservancy of southwest Florida confirmed last week that a Burmese mountain snake measuring five meters and weighing 98 kilograms had been caught in Florida.

According to the organization, it is one of the most attractive animals ever captured in the US state. The longer model was discovered two years ago, at 5.71 meters. But he weighed less than half his weight: 47 kg.

Five meter python caught in Florida

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The giant snake was caught in the Everglades area in December and euthanized. It was kept in the freezer until the autopsy was carried out in April. Meanwhile, biologists from the “Conservancy of Southwest Florida” found 122 eggs in the animal, breaking another record, according to the New York Post.

“The removal of female pythons plays a key role in disrupting the reproductive cycle of these apex predators, which are destructive to the Everglades environment and take food resources from other native organisms,” Daily said. System Manager. “This is the wildlife problem of our time in South Florida.”

Since 2013, the organization has removed more than 1,000 mountain snakes from South Florida.

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