July 23, 2024

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She is cheating more than $ 70,000, but only has to pay back $ 7.90

She is cheating more than $ 70,000, but only has to pay back $ 7.90

The Daily Mail reports that hundreds of people have been deceived into believing she has cancer and that a UK woman will have to pay only $ 7.90 to compensate them.

Nicole Elcabas created GoFundMe in 2018 to raise money to treat her ovarian cancer.

With the help of approximately 700 donors, he was able to raise $ 71,703.28.

He said he had undergone three surgeries and chemotherapy treatments and needed money to get a new drug in Spain. The woman also said that a doctor named Philip Suarez was being treated at a Spanish hospital.

But in reality he was not affected by cancer. He was tested a few weeks before creating GoFundMe. Also, Dr. Philip Suarez is not.

Instead, she used the money to live a dream life by financing her travels and shopping. The 44-year-old also had a gambling habit.

It was her oncologist who examined her and discovered MS Elkabas’ GoFundMe page.

At his trial in November 2020, he pleaded not guilty. She actually believed she had cancer, she said.

However, in 2021, he was sentenced to two years and nine months in prison.

She must also return the money she stole to the 700 victims. However, since she has no assets, she can only pay them $ 7.90.

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