February 23, 2024

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Remember 5 things to protect your home from winter

Remember 5 things to protect your home from winter

Winter, as we know, can have severe effects on residential properties in Quebec; See how to prepare your home for winter and, above all, how to maintain it during the cold season.

Protecting your home from the effects of winter is as simple and quick as installing a rug in the hallway; In fact, a carpet placed on the entrance portico of the house will reduce the damage caused by unwanted guests such as gravel and salt.

It is important to check that all external pipes are closed. Locate the faucet outlets and make sure the faucets are closed. In addition, it is recommended to empty the pipes if the temperature allows it. The operation only takes a few minutes and helps preserve the integrity of the home.

Harmless or nearly harmless tree branches in summer become a real problem when they become covered with snow and cause damage to homes. Roofs and power lines are particularly at risk.

It is recommended to go around the house and cut branches that come too close or represent a potential danger.

Just as it is important to remove snow from the roof of your home, it is also important to remove snow and clear gutters to prevent ice from forming.

Anticipating spring, it is equally important to check their condition.

A good inspection of the roof is necessary to ensure that winter does not damage it, but water infiltration does not threaten the integrity of the house.

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