May 18, 2024

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Metal Gear Solid features animals

Metal Gear Solid features animals

hard lime metal It is the beloved classic PS1 stealth game Starring the bandana-wearing super spy, Solid Snake. But the snake is really a man. (Ok, another guy’s clone, but let’s not get into that now.) In the newly released indie game secret creaturethe developers offer a different point of view MGS, where the main character is a real animal – a gecko to be exact. Which is surprisingly good considering everything was made in less than two weeks.

released yesterday, secret creature Don’t try to hide her inspiration, which is 1998 original hard lime metal for playstation. Everything about the game—from its visuals to camera angles, codec-style conversations, controls, and cutscenes—is directly inspired by Hideo Kojima’s classic stealth. But secret creatureThe developers of the game took care not only to recreate the feel and look of the original game, but to put them on it.

One of the biggest differences is apparent from the moment you see the opening scene: you play as Cos, an anthropomorphic gecko spy, complete with cool gear and a smoking cigarette. Koss is tasked with infiltrating a facility that his people once controlled, but is now under the control of a group of “Red Hawks” terrorists. They are trying to take control of the facility’s nuclear weapons and it’s up to Cos to infiltrate through the eight levels that make up the place to get to the nuclear weapons and save the world.

You’re in luck: because Koss is a lizard that can actually blend in with walls, allowing you to quickly hide if an enemy guard spotted him.

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Sudraptor / NormalHumanSixx

The other big change to the classic MGS which formula in secret creature Cos can’t attack enemies. This is a real hidden mission. While you can temporarily put banana peels in to shock bad guys who walk into the wrong place, you can’t just pull out a silent gun and eliminate all your problems. This forces you to be more careful during enemy encounters and it also means that only one guard can be a huge challenge.

Most players will be able to play through all secret creature In less than an hour, although even the most skilled offside players can probably finish it in under 30 minutes.

According to the game’s website, everything was created in just 12 days by two people—Sudraptor And the NormalHumanSixx—Part of the game jam. Could you Download the final product on Free.