May 21, 2024

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Mike Tomlin says Pittsburgh Steelers ‘encouraged’ by TJ Watt . injury predictions

Mike Tomlin says Pittsburgh Steelers 'encouraged' by TJ Watt . injury predictions

PITTSBURGH – While the Steelers await second and third opinions on TJ WattSuspecting a pectoralis muscle tear, coach Mike Tomlin said he was encouraged by his passing star’s look.

“We may be in a much better place than we were after the game,” Tomlin said on Tuesday. “…I can categorically say that TJ will not be playing this week [against the Patriots]But I will not make any commitments beyond that.

“We’re encouraged, and we’ll just continue to look at the situation, gain opinions and do what’s appropriate.”

Asked to clarify whether the cheerleading indicated the Steelers did not believe Watt had an injury at the end of the season, Tomlin said: “That does suggest that, yes.”

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Watt appeared to tear his left pectoral muscle in the final seconds of regulation as he tried to sack the Bengals midfielder. Joe Boroughand, as he walked off the field, told medical personnel that he tore his chest muscle.

When asked if Watt would go to the injured reserve, Tomlin was noncommittal.

“We have time to make decisions like that, international relations decisions that have to be made by the end of the week regarding this match being a response,” Tomlin said. “…we are in no hurry to gather information very quickly. We will see how his body responds. We will get a second and third opinion. And at the end of the week, or at some point I will do what is appropriate.”

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The injured reserve excludes Watt for at least four matches. Steelers can designate up to eight players to return from IR throughout the season and each player can return twice.

Watt’s long-term availability will likely depend on whether or not he needs surgery. Tomlin won’t say Tuesday if surgery is ruled out.

In Watt’s absence, the team will first go to the outside full-back Red’s ownerwhich was acquired in a deal with the Broncos last month, and Jumeirah Joneswhich the organization extracted concessions. The Steelers will also provide outside assistance for training, but Tomlin did not commit to playing the New Faces on Sunday.

“I think we might have been successful working with some people today already in this context, but whether or not that leads to engagement,” Tomlin said.

Tomlin was also encouraged by speculating back in time Nagy HarrisLower body injury. He said on Tuesday that Harris did not exacerbate the Lisfranc sprain in his left foot that has kept him out of most of the training camp.

“Naji is really optimistic,” Tomlin said. It’s good to be young. He seems to be in the position [to play]But he will have to train and prove his readiness.”