March 20, 2023

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Jerry Jones’ timeline for Dak Prescott’s return to the Cowboys is not based on illusion

Jerry Jones' timeline for Dak Prescott's return to the Cowboys is not based on illusion

The cowboy team that braced itself Life without Duck Prescott Until the second half of the season he is now working on the premise that he will be able to return in mid-October.

That accelerated time frame depends on what kind of break he suffered, not the over-optimism that Jerry Jones is known for.

Surgery revealed that Prescott suffered an extra-articular fracture in his right thumb in the team’s season-opening loss to Tampa Bay, a person familiar with the procedure said. This is a fracture that occurs over the wrist joint and does not extend into the joint itself.

This injury usually carries a four to six week time frame for recovery. That’s why Jones announced on KRLD-FM (105.3) that the club would not put Prescott in the injured reserve, a move that would force the midfielder to miss at least four games before returning.

He is the owner of the cowboy a chronic optimist?

yes. set himself up.

Are the timelines he publicly displays about how quickly a player can return from injury is colored more by hope than reality?

usually. Countless examples exist over the years.

But that is not the case here. There is a good medical reason to not miss Prescott for six to eight weeks that has been widely reported in the wake of the injury.

Club officials initially feared that Prescott had suffered an intra-articular fracture, a more invasive fracture affecting the wrist joint. The return period from this injury ranges from six to eight weeks, which is why there was concern that he would be out during the farewell and not return until the team’s game against Green Bay on November 13.

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When this timeline was presented, those who spoke about the injury emphasized that no specific time frame would be established until after the operation when the surgeon would be able to determine the extent of the damage.

Keeping Prescott on the active list is confirmation that his break is less severe. If he has joint damage associated with an intra-articular fracture, he will be placed in the injured reserve on Tuesday to free up a place on the list. Not being put into injured reserve also allows him to take training reps as soon as he gets close to a potential return.

Now, you want to talk about Jones and his unbridled optimism? The idea of ​​Prescott returning for the Cowboys vs. LA Rams match on October 9 — the main reason to keep a player on the active roster is because you think he’ll miss less than four games — is a case in point. As he gets to the front end of the injury time frame, he seems overly hopeful when you talk about the thumb injury to the quarterback’s hand.

The most likely goal appears to be facing the Philadelphia Cowboys next week. This will be 34 days after surgery.

That would give Prescott three more games than he likely would have had if he had a more serious fracture.

Prescott’s return does not guarantee victory. I saw what it means to be in Opening match against Tampa Bay. But it obviously gives the Cowboys a better chance of winning in the future Cooper Rush.

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good news? relatively. But it doesn’t address the Cowboys’ ability to win in Prescott’s absence.

If Dallas can’t pull off a victory or two before Prescott returns, the early pit could be too deep for the Cowboys to escape even with the bulk of the season remaining.

Cowboys still find themselves in a precarious situation. But Prescott’s return next month will give the team something that Jones values ​​above almost all else.


“I was told it was a lot cleaner than it could have been,” Prescott told reporters after the loss to the Pirates. “It is unfortunate, but I will do what I have always done when adversity comes.

“Take it over your head.”

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