October 5, 2022

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Missing on the Amazon | Brazilian police confirm journalist and expert shot dead

(Atalia do Norte) Brazilian police confirmed the death of indigenous expert Bruno Pereira on Saturday after the remains of British journalist Tom Phillips, who had accompanied him, were found in an isolated area of ​​the Amazon, and two others were killed. By “guns”.

Released at 1:40 p.m.

Mr. The Brazilian Federal Police (PF) said in a statement that Pereira’s remains were “among them” found by investigators.

On Friday, he pointed out that the first human remains found on suspicion were the remains of Dom Phillips.

Mr. Pereira was hit by three shots, including a shot to the head, and Mr Phillips was hit in the chest by a bullet, he added Saturday.

Mr. Phillips, 57, is a longtime newspaper contributor DefenderAnd Mr. Pereira, 41, a recognized expert on indigenous peoples, was on the Amazon as part of a book on environmental protection.

They were last seen on a boat sailing to Atalia do Norde (northwest) in the Jawari Valley, known as a dangerous area for many drug trafficking, fishing or illegal gold mining.

A third suspect in the killings went to the Atalaia do Norte police station in the state of Amazonas (western) on Saturday morning, the PF said. Jefferson da Silva Lima, known as “Pelato da Dinha”, added that he was “an outlaw”.

According to all the evidence and evidence collected, “Pelado da Dinha was at the crime scene and actively participated in the double murder”, Police Commissioner Alex Perez told Timóteo G1 news site.

The first suspect was arrested on June 7: 41-year-old Amarillo da Costa de Oliveira, nicknamed “Bellato”, admitted Tuesday that he buried the bodies.

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A second suspect, Oseney da Costa de Oliveira, also known as “Dos Santos”, was arrested Tuesday.

Police are searching for a fourth suspect, according to local media, which has not been officially confirmed.

The double murder has sparked outrage around the world, with harsh criticism of far-right President Jair Bolzano, who has been accused of promoting deforestation and exploiting resources on the Amazon since coming to power in 2019.