February 28, 2024

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MLB lockout news: Marathon CBA talks continue; The league is said to be moving on CBT with ‘chains attached’

MLB lockout news: Marathon CBA talks continue;  The league is said to be moving on CBT with 'chains attached'

Representatives of Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association had another day of bargaining sessions Tuesday in New York, trying to reach agreement on a new collective bargaining agreement to end the baseball owner’s shutdown. The two sides met for the first time in the morning and many offers were exchanged throughout the day, with negotiations stretching well past midnight for the second time in eight days.

The latest reports, just after midnight, indicate that neither side is ready to stop for the night and that the two are discussing matters amongst themselves (via Chelsea jeans Washington Post). MLB’s John Morosi It states that the deal is possible “before dawn.”

Commissioner Rob Manfred may announce the cancellation of more regular season games if no agreement is reached sometime Wednesday, although there is no firm “deadline” for a deal. Manfred canceled the first two series of the regular season last week.

Tuesday was MLB’s third “deadline” of a 162-game season, so it looks like we’re headed toward the fourth deadline. The league maintains that if a deal is reached on Wednesday, players can be in spring training by Friday, and a 162-game season can be played with players receiving full pay and service time. Games that have already been canceled will be generated by double heads, days off, etc.

The MLB previously set a February 28 deadline for the on-time opening, then moved it to March 1 after a lengthy bargaining session during which the two sides took small steps toward reaching an agreement. These deadlines clearly lack any real teeth to see how 162 games are still on the table, as of Wednesday.

The federation has maintained that it will seek full salary and service time regardless of how many games are played in 2022, and they have threatened an extended post-season block without it. The number of games played, the amount players are paid, and even the table itself is subject to bargaining. Manfred and MLB cannot award unilateral payment for canceled games.

MLB and MLBPA met quietly on Monday (Each side expressed interest in reducing the “media circus” that followed the negotiationsThere are still gaps in the basic economic proposals.

For most of Tuesday, the property side seemed to be on the move.

Here are the latest popular offerings:

Minimum salary

570,500 dollars

$700,000 will rise to $770,000 in 2026

$725,000 with an increase of $20,000 in 2023 and 2024, Increase in the consumer price index in 2025 and 2026

Competitive Balance Tax Threshold

210 million dollars

$230 million in 2022, rising to $242 million in 2026

$238 million in 2022, rising to $263 million in 2026

Pre-judging rewards pool


50 million dollars without increases

80 million dollars, an increase of 5 million dollars a year

The latest offer from the owners of between $230 million and $242 million over the next several years comes with “chains attached,” According to DrelishOn issues of interest to players. Drillish later reported on these chains:

  • The MLB adds an extra level to penalizing teams for significantly exceeding the CBT limit. For example, using the proposed $230 million threshold. Teams will be financially penalized for overstaying. Then he is penalized in addition to exceeding $250 million. Then again for $270 million. Then the fourth degree, an additional fine of more than $ 290 million. Previously, there were only three tax levels to override.
  • MLB will abandon the qualifying bid system, but only if it can create an international draft. This would be a huge deal and players previously fiercely opposed it.
  • MLB can make changes to the rules every offseason in an expedited fashion without obtaining approval from players.

MLB previously did not provide more than $30 million for the pre-arbitration bonus pool, so the move to $50 million (Reported by Russell Dorsey of Bally Sports) unable.

Multiple reports indicate that both the MLB and the players have agreed on 12 playoff teams.

Four Companions – Bob Castellini (reds), Chris Illich (tigers), Ken Kendrick (Diamondbacksand Art MorenoAngels) – Voted against the $220 million competitive balance tax proposal last week. Twenty-three votes from among the 30 owners are needed to ratify the deal, and Andy Martino from SNY . says There is confidence that the league has those votes in proposing $228 million.

The main goal of the guild is to put more money in the pockets of players at the beginning of their careers. Nearly two-thirds of all players had 0 to 3 years of service in the last season, which means they haven’t made it to arbitration yet and have made something close to the MLB bottom line. The MLBPA dropped proposals for previous arbitration and previous free agency a few weeks ago.

by chance , Apple announced a new streaming partnership with MLB on Tuesday. Two games as part of “Friday Night Baseball” (meaning fans won’t be able to watch these games on cable or any other streaming service) will be broadcast exclusively on Apple TV every week starting this year. The MLBPA must have noticed the Apple deal and added revenue.

“There’s no endless money out there,” Yankees President Randy Levine said Monday. “Any perception of endless money, especially after COVID, is not true.”

Although the 162-game season is still on the table, the calendar is working against the MLB and MLBPA, and a shortened season will soon be inevitable. Teams played 153-155 matches after the 1972 strike103-111 games around the 1981 strike, and 144 games after the 1995 strike.

At 97 days and counting, the owners’ shutdown is the second longest downtime in baseball history, after the 1994-1995 player strike (232 days). Here’s the closing timeline.

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