July 2, 2022

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Monkey disease | Joe Biden warns that the spread could be significant

(Seoul) Joe Biden on Sunday, on one side of his Asian tour, found the Simeon Box (also known as the Monkey Box) in a dozen European countries, including Australia, Canada and Australia. America may be the “result”.

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The U.S. president, who is due to travel from South Korea to Japan, explained on Sunday that US health officials had not been fully informed of the US “exposure status” to the virus.

“But this is something everyone should worry about,” he told reporters before boarding Air Force One to fly to Tokyo.

“If it spreads, it will be significant,” he said.

The simian box, a less dangerous relative of smallpox, has been eradicated for about forty years, causing a high fever at first and quickly developing a rash, especially on the face.

There is no cure, but the virus cures itself.

According to the WHO, Australia, Canada and the United States, at least eight European countries registered cases on Friday. It is generally considered “local” in 11 African countries.

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