May 22, 2024

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Most of the first panel of jurors in Trump's trial say they could not convict him fairly

Most of the first panel of jurors in Trump's trial say they could not convict him fairly

A majority of the first panel of 96 potential jurors in Donald Trump's trial declared him incapable of a fair trial and were immediately excused.

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Contrary to practice, for logistical reasons, Judge Juan Merchon announced on April 8 that potential jurors who are unable to attend the entire trial or who declare themselves impartial will be excused from the trial.

About fifty jurors declared they could not be fair, and about ten threw up their hands for other unspecified reasons.

The remaining thirty people, their neighborhood, their professional and family situation, their educational level, but “Have you ever attended a Donald Trump campaign rally?” To answer common questions like Or, rather, “at a meeting of an anti-Trump movement or organization?”

If they have an opinion on the impact of nonpartisanship on the subject, whether Donald Trump is being treated as a candidate in November's presidential election, they should also state how they receive information.

The goal of the process is to select 12 jurors and six alternates for the trial, which runs through the end of May.

One of the potential jurors was challenged due to her son's wedding in June.

“I think we should be done by then, but I can't make any promises,” Judge Merchan said as he congratulated the man.

Hundreds of Manhattan residents, pulled over at random, received summonses to appear in court on Monday.

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