April 14, 2024

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NCAA Tournament games, results: Follow the live stream of March Madness action on Monday

NCAA Tournament games, results: Follow the live stream of March Madness action on Monday

The final two spots in the Women's Final Four are now up for grabs and we have two exciting matchups to decide who goes to Cleveland.

The marquee is a rematch of last year's national championship game between Iowa and LSU. It broke viewership records and sparked a rivalry between Iowa State's Kaitlin Clark and LSU's Angel Reiss that no one has forgotten. The Tigers beat the Hawkeyes in that game. Will the rematch go differently?

In the other big showdown of the night, JuJu Watkins and No. 1 USC take on Paige Bueckers and No. 3 UConn. Will the freshman outperform the seasoned veteran?

Here's what we have to look forward to on Monday:

Monday's Elite Eight schedule

Women's table (All Eastern times):

7:15 p.m. – No. 1 Iowa vs. No. 3 LSU (ESPN)

9:15 PM – No. 1 USC vs. No. 3 UConn (ESPN)

He lives32 updates

  • Another deep Kaitlin Clark 3 with Hailey Van Lith draped over her put Iowa State up 55-49. After a lively first half, the two-possession lead looks significant.

  • We are continuing in the second half. Clark starts deep at 3, just like the first.

  • Flau'jae Johnson challenged four Iowa State defenders to tie the game before halftime.

  • Kaitlyn Clark leads the scoring charts with 19 points and five assists. She did the work inside and out while shooting 3-of-8 from three and stabbing LSU's defense to score from the rim.

    Angel Reese has been a force for LSU on both ends. She leads the Tigers with 13 points, eight rebounds, three assists, two steals and two blocks. She's getting rebounds on offense while challenging Iowa State's shots in the paint on defense.

    Iowa shot 7-of-16 (43.8%) from 3 versus LSU's 4-of-11 (36.4%) effort. LSU holds a 23-16 advantage on the boards.

  • End of second quarter: Iowa 45, LSU 45

    Again, as advertised people.

    Kaitlyn Clark: 19 points and 5 assists

    Angel Reyes: 12 points and 8 rebounds

  • Flau'jae Johnson is still very important for LSU. It looped through the defense to tie the game before halftime. Johnson has eight points (4 of 6) with two assists. It wasn't about how many points you put on the board, but when you did.

  • Twenty minutes later, we were no closer to deciding a winner. The two teams tied in an exciting basketball game with a score of 45-45 in the first half.

  • Wow, Caitlin Clark with some exciting ball work to break down the LSU defense for a layup. Tie score 41-41.

  • What a battle. Angel Reese and LSU control the paint on both sides of the court. Kaitlyn Clark and Iowa are keeping pace from the perimeter.

    Reese had 12 points, seven rebounds, three assists, two steals and two blocks. Clark has 15 points and four assists while shooting 3 of 8 from 3. LSU leads, 38-37 with 3:02 remaining in the first half.

  • Angel Reyes was on the bench looking at the coaches. After fouling Clark, she fell into the area near the ESPN camera under the basket. She didn't put weight on her leg as she limped off the court toward the bench and caught her foot when she sat down. After a few minutes, she was back in the game.

  • And she is fine. Rees scored a corner kick in traffic right after checking back in. LSU leads 36-32.

  • Angel Reese returns to the court. A brief fear of injury, but she returned to the field.

  • Angel Reese limped to the stationary bike after appearing to tweak her ankle and received brief treatment on the sideline. She's now pacing back and forth near the sideline.

  • She's getting treatment on the bench while Iowa State shoots free throws.

  • Angel Reese just jumped off the ground on one leg.

  • End of first quarter: LSU 31, Iowa 26

    Kaitlyn Clark had 11 points and 3 assists. Angel Reyes scored 10 points and 5 rebounds. It's as advertised people.

  • Angel Reese owns the paint and makes plays on defense. She scored eight straight LSU points, including a transition layup off a steal to put the Tigers up 27-26. She had 10 points, five rebounds, three assists and two steals.

    LSU's 10-0 run put the Tigers up 31-26 at the end of the first quarter.

  • We're off to a hot start. Both offenses are hot. Iowa State leads 25-21 with 3:29 remaining in the first half. Kaitlyn Clark would hit a free throw on an -1 after the break. Clark has 10 points and three assists. Angel Reyes has four points, five rebounds and two assists. Both of her buckets came on the bounce.

  • Angel Reese is on the board. The All-American from LSU scored her first bucket on a layup to cut Iowa State's lead to 17-14.

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