July 16, 2024

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Neurologist Says Joe Biden Is ‘Incompetent Anymore’

Neurologist Says Joe Biden Is ‘Incompetent Anymore’

Usually cautious when it comes time to comment on Joe Biden’s existence, DR Julian J., assistant professor of neurology at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta. Cavanaugh didn’t mince his words Friday to qualify the Democratic leader’s performance during Thursday evening’s debate.

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“I saw a president who was very bad, without a doubt, hypophonic, unable to express his voice, although we knew he had this famous smile, his way of communicating verbally with his audience. . . There, we did not see his facial expression. I found him bradyphrenic, that is, his The neurologist explained in an interview with LCN that the thinking was slow, disjointed and at several moments he could not finish his argument and “he had to say”.

The latter observed several moments when the US president uttered nonsensical sentences and reasoned that it was difficult, if not impossible, to follow.

One thing is for sure, the neurologist is asking serious questions about Joe Biden’s health and ability to lead America.

“There, for more than 90 minutes, without appeal, this performance, which is a disaster, needs to be addressed more urgently. Today, from what I see, I think the president of the United States is no longer competent,” declares the expert. .

DR Friday morning Mr. Kavanagh says he and his colleagues had heated discussions about Biden’s health.

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“If one of my colleagues was like that in front of patients, we’d go down the hospital queue and say: He can’t practice anymore, he can’t see patients anymore or whatever, he [lui] You have to take it seriously to break», refers to a neurologist.

Watch the video above to watch the full interview.