June 19, 2024

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NFL Draft 2022: Chiefs get WR Jameson Williams and EDGE Arnold Ebiketie in new simulation

NFL Draft 2022: Chiefs get WR Jameson Williams and EDGE Arnold Ebiketie in new simulation

the previous wednesday New York Jets NFL General Manager ( Miami Dolphin Front Office Executive) Mike Tannenbaum to publish ESPN dummy projectto make it clear that he was taking a different approach than some other analysts.

I’ll leave the actual first-round predictions to my colleagues. This is not what I expect or hear. Instead, what follows is how to pick each first round if I represent each of the 24 teams with at least one pick on the first day. It’s based on my own ratings and preferences, along with what I think makes the most sense for each team on the board.

Using this approach, many of the same faces appeared in Tannenbaum’s first-round selections – although some ended up in different locations than we normally see. to me Kansas City ChiefsTannenbaum chose a wide receiver and defensive end.

29. Kansas City Chiefs WR Jameson Williams, Alabama

Exchange Chiefs Tyrick Hill. Now they have the opportunity to use one of the picks that came to Kansas City in exchange for crafting his replacement. Williams tore his ACL and won’t be ready for week one, but his blast and pace make him the perfect pick for the Chiefs. I was really impressed with Williams playing in the SEC, when he had seven captures for 184 yards and two touchdowns.

30. Kansas City Chiefs DE Arnold Ebiketie, Penn State

Turning to defense, I want to have productive momentum. Only three teams had fewer sacks than 31 in 2021, but Ebiketie scored 9.5 sacks at Penn State last season after moving from Temple.

Just like Bucky Brooks makes fun of us Covered on WednesdayWe see an analyst moving in to replace wide receiver Tyreek Hill in the first round – but unlike Brooks, he’s using Kansas City’s other option to take a defensive end rather than safety. Also, unlike Brooks, he goes with Large scale of high level school – And if he is injured, he may keep him off the field for at least part of the next season. Interestingly enough, edge-of-the-box like George Karlavitis of Purdue and Boy Maffei of Minnesota were still available when Tannenbaum sent Ebiketie to Kansas City. However, he is not alone in this ruling. Former Nittany Lion was parodied to the Chiefs in two other recent first-round predictions.

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National Phantom Draft Choices

POS name School PCt
s Duxton Hill Michigan 16%
edge George Karlavtis Bordeaux 13%
edge boy mafi Minnesota 9%
CB Cair Elam Florida 7%
edge Arnold Ipeketty Pennsylvania state 5%
WR Jameson Williams Alabama 5%
s Galen Peter Baylor 4%
CB Keller Gordon Washington 4%
WR Jahan Dotson Pennsylvania state 4%
WR Trillon pyrex Arkansas 4%
WR George Pickens Georgia 4%
DT Devonty White Georgia 4%
CB Roger McCreary Auburn 2%
DE Cameron Thomas San Diego State 2%
edge Jermaine Johnson II Florida 2%
DE De Marvin Lil Texas A&M 2%
WR Chris Olaf Ohio State 2%
WR Drake London USC 2%
WR Christian Watson North Dakota 2%
WR Garrett Wilson Ohio State 2%
WR Sky More W Michigan 2%
DT Jordan Davis Georgia 2%
DT Logan Hall Houston 2%
OL Bernard Rayman Central Michigan 2%

National mock draft positions

position PCt
defensive back 33%
zigzag edge 33%
wide future 25%
Defensive handling 7%
offensive line 2%
tight end 0%
running back 0%
back 0%


Which of these wide bars do you prefer?

  • 68%

    Jameson Williams

    (373 votes)

  • 12%

    Garrett Wilson

    (67 votes)

547 votes total

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Which of the following edge dash games do you prefer?

  • 19%

    Arnold Ipeketty

    (80 votes)

  • 37%

    George Karlavtis

    (158 votes)

420 votes total

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