September 30, 2023

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Ottawa announces $2.3 billion for its Indo-Pacific trade and military strategy

Ms Jolie was joined by International Development Minister Harjit Sajjan, International Trade Minister Mary Ng and Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino.

It is China An increasingly disruptive global force Who benefits? And those are the same international rules that it increasingly ignoresAccording to the plan.

Minister Jolie announced that Canada will invest $492.9 million to increase its military presence in the region. Increasingly complex threats, citing nuclear tests not only by China but also by North Korea. However, he acknowledged the need to continue to cooperate with China on global issues such as the fight against climate change.

Canada wants to distance itself from China and strengthen its economic ties with friendly and democratic countries in the Indo-Pacific region. With an investment of more than $2 billion, the federal government also wants to increase its military and naval presence in the region. Report by Gabriel Proulx.

Defense Minister Anita Anand said in an interview that the Canadian Army is planning to send a third warship to the Indian Ocean. By next year.

Additionally, funding will be provided to strengthen cyber security and public safety in the Indo-Pacific region.

To protect Canada’s national security, we must be more vigilant in the face of serious threats, including foreign interference, cyber-attacks, ideological extremism, disinformation and international criminal networks.The minister supported Mendicino.

Commercial contracts

Ottawa plans to develop closer trade ties with countries such as India, Indonesia, Japan and South Korea.

Thus, 244.4 million will be provided for various projects, some of which have already been announced by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on November 18. These include the Canadian Trade Gateway to Southeast Asia, Canada’s Indo-Pacific Office for Agriculture and Trade Missions. The sectors of agriculture, natural resources and technological innovation are particularly targeted.

One in six jobs in Canada depend on international trade. Our economy, our middle class jobs, our democratic values, our national security and our human rights will be shaped by our relationship in the Indo-Pacific basin. »

A quote Mary Ng, Union Minister for International Trade

The central government wants to invest 750 million to support infrastructure development in the region.

These measures, according to Minister Ng,Expand our sales networks and D’Ensures resilience of our supply chainUndermined during epidemics.

Diplomatic attack

Canada plans to invest $92.5 million to create new positions at Global Affairs Canada. The Prime Minister has previously spoken of around 60 jobs, but this number is not specified in the strategic plan.

Cities like New Delhi have been earmarked to improve the visa system, recruit foreign students and promote tourism. Ottawa will also launch a call for proposals for feminist international aid projects.

Another $84.3 million will be used to create a fund to protect oceans, and $52.4 million will increase the resilience of countries in the region to natural disasters.

Earlier this month, Ms Jolie announced that the Canadian government’s Indo-Pacific strategy would be announced in the coming weeks. Business leaders and former diplomats have urged Ottawa to develop such a strategy, which has been promised repeatedly by the Liberals in recent years for this part of the world.

Minister Jolie previously outlined five key objectives of the strategy: peace, supply chain resilience, human and women’s rights, climate change and increasing Canada’s presence in the world.

The announcements come as Prime Minister Trudeau is coming off a busy diplomatic month at the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Summit in Cambodia and the G20 and Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation in Indonesia. Cooperation forum in Thailand.

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