July 24, 2024

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Over $5,000 to find a goat in Texas

Over ,000 to find a goat in Texas

Residents of a small Texas town have been searching for a missing animal for more than a week, with a reward of more than $5,000.

The goat, now named Willie, escaped its enclosure on July 15, the Mirror reported.

Since then, residents of the small county near Raymondville, Willacy Co., have been tirelessly searching for the animal. Even to the extent that updates are available on the Livestock Show and the Fair’s Facebook page.

Local stores have promised 90 prizes and rewards to those who find the goat, totaling $5,000. Offerings range from beef brisket to hair salon services.

“We never imagined that this event would happen on such a large scale. Our county is small, about 20,000 people total, and we are primarily a tight-knit community of farmers and ranchers,” said Alison Savage, president of the Willacy County Livestock Show and Exposition.

“But it’s great to see everyone rallying to find our four-legged fugitive,” he added.

“He’s cunning, this Willie! But we’re getting closer, trust me. We will not give up until we find our beloved goat,” Ms Savage said.

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