April 13, 2024

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Overheated: She bakes bread in the letterbox

Overheated: She bakes bread in the letterbox

It was so hot in Houston, USA this week that a woman had to put on oven mitts to get the mail out of her metal mailbox.

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It was enough to spark the imagination of Roberta Wright, who wanted to bake her bread there.

“It’s a phenomenon that makes you wonder what else we can do if it’s so hot inside an old rusty mailbox, using oven mitts,” he told ABC News.

His bread was ready in just 45 minutes.

“I love seeing kids use their imaginations, so that’s what I did!” she replied.

Photos shared by Ms Wright on social media are going viral.

These encouraged dialogue among subscribers.

“I’ve been contacted by people I don’t know from countries I don’t know,” says Ms Wright.

“I like the science side” of the experiment, he says.

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