June 24, 2024

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Picking up dead leaves: “Nonsense!”

Picking up dead leaves: “Nonsense!”

Every fall, many Quebecers spend long hours picking up dead leaves that have fallen to the ground, however, this is not recommended.

“It’s really stupid to do that,” explains Mathieu BĂ©land, an expert in forest management and the environment, in an interview with Quebec Met.

Leaving them on the ground is good for biodiversity, the environment and saves time.

“There’s no reason to do this! Leaving leaves on the ground encourages insects, butterflies, earthworms. If you have insects, the whole urban food chain will be better off. Birds will come. People pay a lot of money for bird feeders. [laisser les feuilles au sol] It’s an easy way to attract them,” explains Mr. Beland.

A study found that in the United States, 12% of waste is landfilled yard waste.

Also, the leaves are a natural fertilizer. Let’s save time and save money. It’s really easy.”

However, the leaves should not be compacted into a dense carpet on the ground. Instead, they should be shredded so the grass can breathe.

“The best tool is a mower. We’re going to lower the height of the mower and we’re going to wait until it’s dry, because it’s much easier,” explains the planning and environmental expert.

If the sheet of leaves is too thick, the dead leaves can be used as mulch on flower plants, in the garden or as compost.

***Check out his tips in the video above.***

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