July 21, 2024

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Putin’s daughters allowed by Canada

Putin’s daughters allowed by Canada

After the United States and the European Union, Canada’s method of listing Vladimir Putin’s two daughters, Katrina Dikonova and Maria Vorontsova Putin.

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Global Affairs Canada made the announcement in a press release on Tuesday morning.

The other twelve “close associates of the Russian regime, including Russian oligarchs and their family members,” are subject to sanctions.

On April 6, the United States personally targeted the daughters of the Russian president. Two days later the EU followed suit.

“These actions prove that Canada will not shy away from attempting to hold Russian President Vladimir Putin and his aides accountable for their complicity in the Russian regime’s occupation of Ukraine,” the ministry said.

Very secretive about his personal life, the Russian president keeps his daughters out of sight. Information about them is very limited.

According to Washington Post, Putin’s daughters could be used as figurines to cover up a portion of their father’s immense wealth. This tactic will also allow him to avoid some of the sanctions imposed on Russia by Western countries since 2014 after the annexation of Crimea.

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began on February 24, Canada has amended its Rules of Special Economic Operations (Russia) 15 times.

Several hundred individuals are now admitted by Canada. These sanctions mainly target the financial capabilities of members of the Russian elite.

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Russian security-related companies, but many other sanctions have been imposed, including by state-affiliated banks, many of which have been barred from the SWIFT international banking system.

Many experts note that Russia may return to the default of payment by May 4.