August 15, 2022

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Putin’s new mistakes

But what happens to Vladimir Putin? Who had such good judgment, for example, of his policies on Syria and Turkey. After a serious misunderstanding of Ukraine, the European Union and NATO, he is here again.

When Tsar visited an exhibition on Peter the Great in Moscow, he compared himself to Peter the Great, and hinted at his recapture of territory in Russia at the time. As if this mistake was not enough, he pointed out on a TV show that European countries could not do without Russian energy for a long time. Everything is wrong with him.

1.What Putin said

Peter the Great (1672-1725) was the greatest modernization of Russia, but the builder of an absolute power. Putin refers to the great Peter, so it is a strong political image. According to Putin, “capturing Sweden is not about winning anything for Peter, it’s about reclaiming territory.” Why capture territory? Because, as Putin continues, the Slavs lived there. Putin added: “It is impossible to build a fence around a country like Russia, you understand.” Again: “A state is a sovereign or a colony. There is no position between the two. ” He concludes: “We must take responsibility and integrate.”

2. How to interpret Putin’s words?

In other words, the countries of Eastern Europe inhabited by the Slavs were Russian territories to be reclaimed. The same logic applies to Central Asian countries. Russia’s regional expansion is justified by its territorial nature, which can only secure victory.

3.Why is this a bug?

This confirmed successful vision will trigger alliances against Russia among all the states threatened by Putin.

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4. Why can European countries do without Russian energy?

Putin underestimates the will of the EU and the rapid evolution of green energy. The Europeans very quickly agreed to do without Russian oil. Prohibit the use of coal. Only Russian gas can claim some more long-term use. However, EU countries must be carbon neutral by 2050. It is true that this policy, which is struggling to deliver, means a reduction in energy imports and an increase in local green energy sources. For more than 25 years, the window of Russian energy exports to Europe has been closing completely and rapidly.

5. Why is Putin making such mistakes?

The reason for his mistakes cannot be determined with certainty. However, two hypotheses dominate the other. First, his health affects his judgment. Rumors may have been established about the cancer he was suffering from. The second hypothesis is that his quest for power isolated him dangerously from reality. He will live closely among the nobles. They would not dare to reveal to him the extent of the failure of his state apparatus, nor would they downplay the falsity of his analyzes. Regardless of the source of his grave mistakes, Putin has certainly become a threat to Russia.