July 18, 2024

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Quote of the day | Richard Hetu’s blog

Quote of the day |  Richard Hetu’s blog

“This is what happens when you have this culture of paranoia and fear, fostered by politicians and some of the media. And of course, that gun fetish I mentioned earlier. »

– Kansas City Mayor Quinto Lucas returns to the CBS broadcast this Sunday Face the Nation About the shooting of a 16-year-old black boy by an 84-year-old white man who mistakenly rang his doorbell when his mother advised him to bring his two younger brothers back to church. Ralph Yarl, who was shot in the head and an arm, escaped injury.

PS: Kansas City Mayor Talks About “Gun Fetishization,” Conservative Columnist Says The New York Times David French describes a phenomenon “worse than idolatry.” Text Released this weekend. An excerpt: “The gun rights movement is changing. In many corners of America, reverence for firearms has evolved into a form of worship. As I wrote in 2022, gun idolatry is now rampant. “Guns” are tied with “God” and “Trump” in the hierarchy of right-wing values. On the periphery, gun owners range from advocating for people’s rights to own semi-automatic rifles like the AR-15 to openly using these weapons in demonstrations, for example, to staging an armed occupation of parts of the Michigan Capitol. During the anti-lockdown protests. »

Those who allow themselves to use these weapons to shoot Black Lives Matter protesters can become heroes in the eyes of this right, like Kyle Rittenhouse.

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