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Ranbir Kapoor does not enter the temple but the pandal: Ayan Mukerji in the Brahmastra scene

Ranbir Kapoor does not enter the temple but the pandal: Ayan Mukerji in the Brahmastra scene

Director Ian Mukerji He issued a statement explaining a scene in his upcoming movie Brahmastrawhere the subject is Ranbir Kapoor He wears shoes and rings the bell. In the Brahmastra trailer, which was launched on Wednesday, Ranbir is seen running towards a decorated venue, outside of which is written ‘Dussehra Mahotsav’. A series of bells hung above the entrance door was also seen ringing one of them before entering the place. (Read also | Ayan Mukerji was ‘furious’ at Ranbir Kapoor for delaying Brahmastra: ‘He chose to start Sanju first’)

On Sunday, Ayan announced the 4K Brahmastra ad on Instagram and wrote a long note. He also shared a movie poster featuring Ranbir. He captioned the post, “Our 4K Trailer! Please click the link in the bio – for a better, clearer, clearer view. Two things to say today: 1) We received a lot of feedback on why we didn’t upload the 4K trailer. The best is, of course, the best way to view these images that we worked so hard to create! So despite the delay – there it is! And… Thank you for the comments that pushed us to do so.”

Ayan also wrote, “2) We had some people in our community, upset about one shot in our trailer – Ranbir’s character wearing shoes and ringing the bell. As the creator of this movie (and a lover of it), I humbly wanted to address what happened here. In Our film, Ranbir is not entering a temple, but a Durga Puja Pandal. My family has been organizing a similar type of Durga Puja celebration since…75 years ago! One, and I’ve been a part of it since my childhood.”

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Ayan announced the 4K Brahmastra ad on Instagram.

“In my experience, we only take off our shoes, right on the stage where the gods are, not when you enter the Pandal. It’s personally important to me to reach out to anyone who might be annoyed by this image…because above all, Brahmāstra was created as a respectful film experience And it celebrates – Indian culture, traditions and history. That’s at the heart of why this movie was made, so it’s very important to me that this feeling reaches every Indian who watches the Brahmastra! Well, that’s it! Happy Sunday from rainy Mumbai!! #brahmastra, wrote Ayan as he concludes his letter.

Brahmastra features Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Amitabh Bachchan, Nagarjuna and Mooney Roy in the lead roles. Ranbir and Alia will appear together for the first time in a movie. The film is ready to be shown in theaters on September 9, 2022 in 2D and 3D.