June 14, 2024

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Rangers were interested in Andrew McCutcheon; Trade is unlikely

Rangers were interested in Andrew McCutcheon;  Trade is unlikely

The Rangers reached out to the Buccaneers about the possibility Andrew McCutcheon commerce, Tweets John Morosi of MLB.com, but the Bucs aren’t open to such scenarios at this time. Like Morosi noticeHowever, the Rangers have a deep lineup but have received poor production from the designated hitting point in the standings. Veteran McCutcheon, who hits 0.271/. 394/. 431 with nine home runs and nine steals on the season, would be a solid boost.

Having said that, there are plenty of reasons to be skeptical that the McCutcheon trade could get together. Jason Mackie of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette wrote At the time of McCutcheon’s reunion with the Pirates, the franchise icon had returned to Pittsburgh with the intent of finishing his career there; The Pirates did not sign with the intention of flipping the deadline, and McKee stated in January that the two parties had even discussed McCutcheon’s desire to remain in Pittsburgh while the deal was being negotiated. McCutcheon said to Mackey Exactly a month ago that he wanted to win in Pittsburgh and had no interest in playing elsewhere. “I don’t want to continue my career on another team,” McCutcheon said on May 26.

It’s certainly possible that if the Buccaneers are buried in the standings as the deadline approaches, McCutcheon might change his mind and inform the front office that he’d like to move to a competitor. However, this seems unlikely based on his recent comments. And even after the recent free fall, the Pirates only returned five and a half games in a dismal NL Central Division.

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This relative proximity to the rivalry in the split is also important. Barely more than a week ago, Pirates president Travis Williams publicly indicated that the team’s hope is to return to the postseason as soon as this year. If the Bucs find themselves with a chance to do so in the run-up to the trade deadline, Williams indicated that GM Ben Cherington will have the ownership backing to add parts, even if it means a salary increase. The Buccaneers were not yet in a dizzying 1-12 swoon at that point, but then again, the poor context of their division could leave them with a realistic chance at a playoff berth – especially with more than a month until the deadline.

Despite all this context, it’s at least notable that Rangers scour the market for potential upgrades. Interest in two kuchen only makes sense to them. He is a well-liked veteran batsman and played under current captain Bruce Bochy. It makes sense that Bochy enjoyed having McCutcheon in the lineup and at the clubhouse during his short stint as a player with the Giants.

Moreover, as Morosi rightly points out, the Rangers simply haven’t moved much out of the DH position in their lineup this year. Texas designated hitters bat 223/.313/.377 on the season. The resulting 94 WRC+ ranks 19th in the majors. This production (or lack thereof) came from a mix of 10 players. Robbie Grossman Leading the Rangers with 88 DH plate appearances, he’s done very well in that time. However, Grossman also sees regular outfield time. Rangers rotated it, Brad MillerAnd Mitch GarverAnd Ezequiel DuranAnd Corey SeegerAnd Jonah HeimAnd Adolis GarciaAnd Josh H. smith And Sam Huff through this year’s DH spot, ostensibly using him as a way to provide occasional relief to the greats rather than dedicating one player to the position.

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Having any DH full time is a departure from that strategy. McCutcheon is just one of several options for filling the role – apparently not even likely – and since he’s the DH point in question, the placement of a potential business target could be largely immaterial.

In general, it is still early in the summer for deals of interest to converge. Modern front desks tend to wait until the last few days before a deadline to act too aggressively, and it seems like the expansion of the match arena will only increase this trait. Only three teams in baseball currently find themselves facing a deficit of nine games or more in the postseason chase: the Royals, A’s and Rockies. And while these teams certainly know what direction to take on the deadline, they may prefer to wait and see if there are more enthusiastic buyers on the deadline. Several teams — including the Buccaneers — are currently in the dark about their deadline track, but may be more willing to give up on young talent approaching August 1st.