February 24, 2024

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Ratings for Episode 5 of ‘House of the Dragon’: 3% increase

Ratings for Episode 5 of 'House of the Dragon': 3% increase

viewership forDragon HouseHe achieved a steady pace.

Fifth episode of the programGame of thronesprequel attracted 3% more viewers than episode 4, diverse I learned exclusively. Additionally, the first season has now averaged 29 million viewers per episode.

These stats combine Nielsen’s measurement of episode 5 broadcasts on cable on Sunday with the number of viewers streaming through it HBO Max and other HBO platforms. Separating linear viewership, according to Nielsen, 2.576 million people tuned in to the episode on HBO itself, an increase of 4% compared to last week’s 2.474 million cable viewership.

Overall, the linear and streaming data indicate that “House of the Dragon”, now in the middle of its first season, has found its core audience. Episode 1 was Watched by nearly 10 million people Across all platforms when it launched – HBO’s biggest premiere ever – while Episode 2 reached 10.2 million. No broadcast data was available for episode 3, although its first appearance on Labor Day weekend was received. A drop of 1 million views across cable channels. But as diverse Exclusively reported, Episode 4 viewership rose 5% Across all platforms, and with Episode 5 jumping 3%, the series now appears to have reached a retention rate that is likely to remain stable as the first season continues.

Meanwhile, House of the Dragon will see a narrative shift and change after this episode, with Episode 6 going to represent a major time leap. Younger actors, such as Millie Alcock as Princess Rhinera Targaryen and Emily Carey as Mrs. Aliscent Hightower, will trade their roles with older actors Emma Darcy and Olivia Cooke, respectively.

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