April 16, 2024

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Released after sexual assault: Engineer loses his job

Released after sexual assault: Engineer loses his job

The engineer accused of sexual assault has finally lost his job without harming his career, while representatives condemned the “disturbing” and “shocking” decision.

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“After #MeToo, after all the condemnations and awareness work, it is very disturbing to read the paragraphs of this judgment,” commented on social networks the deputy leader of the Parti Québécois Véronique Hivon, who announced that the crown will wear the case in appeal. .

Liberal MP Isabelle Melancon said she was “shocked and outraged rather than saddened” by what she said was a judgment that would cloud and question women who wanted to file a complaint.

Lack of judgment…from a judge?

The reactions followed a ruling by Judge Mathieu Poliquin of Trois-Rivières that Houle, 30, did not deserve a criminal record for an offense he committed during a drunken party in 2019 when he was a student.

Drunkenly assaulted a friend and photographed his private parts.

Accused of sexual assault and robbery, he waited two years before pleading guilty.

“More than two years of delay in thinking about his arrest, indictment and consequences […] insufficient denial”, the judge said, confirming that the alcohol Hoole consumed that evening “could help explain a course of conduct”.

In therapy, Hull admitted to another act of aggression in the past, which was explained as “transparency.”

But the latter lost his job on Tuesday, despite the judge’s wish not to harm the sex offender’s life.

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“During a phone call the company decided to terminate its employment relationship,” it said Register Canimex’s Vice President of Human Resources, Michel Goulet.

The ruling also explained that during the proceedings, his employer had already “isolated” him by preventing him from attending parties and outings while maintaining him at telework.

Hoole, who said he wanted to continue as an engineer, had told the court that he could eventually switch fields.

“He took up a certificate in law, on a part-time basis,” the judge pointed out.

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