June 20, 2024

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Report: Multiple teams have expressed interest in trading for Kirk Cousins

Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions

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As it turns out, if the Vikings wanted to trade Kirk Cousinsthey can get.

Chad Graf of TheAthletic.com stated that “Multiple teams“She has expressed her desire to trade for cousins. The difference is not specified. ‘Multiple’ technically means more than one.

Although Cousins ​​has become an unpopular figure in the eyes of many Vikings fans, here’s the problem. If Kirk was gone, who would have been a quarterback? Unless you trade for Deshaun Watson It was happening, the Vikings were going to be knocked out by the quarterback for 2022, and maybe beyond.

And so the Vikings decided to kick the pack with Kirk, confident they could pair the quarterback with a friendly quarterback coach and get better results than they had in four years with the Cousins. Maybe they can. Kirk Cousins ​​and Mike Zimmer may never have been a good fit. Perhaps the Vikings, who have a quarterback who can perform the so-called play if the play doesn’t break up, need a coach who can design and choose the right play at the right time.

It also helps in getting the right players. The Vikings need a better offensive line and better defense. How quickly and effectively can these defects be addressed? we will see. For now, all we know is that Cousins ​​will continue to play the middle ground, at least for the next two years.

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