April 24, 2024

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Republican ad on Biden's age: “Can he survive until 2029?” »

Republican ad on Biden's age: “Can he survive until 2029?”  »

The Make America Great Again super PAC, which supports Donald Trump, began airing an ad on Joe Biden's age Thursday morning during the Democratic president's favorite show. Morning Joe, featured on MSNBC. The ad, which aims to disrupt Biden on the day of his State of the Union address, will also air on other channels, including Fox News and CNN, this Thursday and Friday.

“We can all see Joe Biden's frailty. Will Joe Biden survive until 2029 if he wins? asks the narrator of the 30-second ad, which shows a confused or confused Biden. Kamala Harris ends the story with images of him scoffing and Biden losing his footing: “The real question is It's whether you can.”

PS: The show said so Morning Joe Often laughs at Trump, who struggles with his own cognitive issues:

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