June 17, 2024

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Ridiculous stats from Capitals’ 9-2 victory over Flyers

Ridiculous stats from Capitals' 9-2 victory over Flyers

Hopefully I won’t steal too much thunder from Chris’ numbers the next morning, but tonight’s win was pretty ridiculous and we need to highlight some wild numbers from this game.

No matter how prepared you are for this post, I promise, I’m not ready for the madness I’m going to present.


This is how many different Capitals players have scored against the Flyers, including Alex Ovechkin who scored his career goal no. 776 in the first period. It was Ovi’s 46th goal this season and the 131st time he opened a game with a goal. Two players scored their first goal as Capital on Tuesday: Matt Irwin and Johan Larsson.

Lars Eller was the only player to score two goals for the Capitals.


This is the number of Capitals players who have earned at least one point against the Flyers. 9 of these players got 2 points. 1 player scored 3: Justin Schultz (3 assists). The only players not included in the scoring list are Nick Jensen, Markus Johansson and Ilya Samsonov. what a shame!

According to Capitals PRIt is the fifth time in franchise history that Capitals 16 players have scored a point in the same game. The last time they did it was on January 9, 2010 against Atlanta Thrashers – over 12 years ago!!!


That’s the number of days since Matt Irwin last scored a goal in the National Hockey League. Thejourneyman defenseman last scored on December 6, 2018 against the Vancouver Canucks. Erwin was a member of the Nashville Predators and plays under… you guessed it… Peter LaViolet.


That’s how many capitals skaters have had time in strong play, including every striker on the team. Only Nick Jensen did skate while the Capitals had the man advantage. The fourth streak from The Capitals – Garnet Hathaway, Nic Dowd and Johan Larsson – all had more than a minute on PP. Larson scored the ninth goal of the match on PP, which spoiled our joke completely.


This is the number of times the Capitals have scored nine or more goals in a single game over the past 25 years. The last time they did this was in 2008.


That’s the number of seconds Conor Sherry scored in front of the wide-open goal before scoring on a beleaguered Martin Jones. More about it shortly!


This was the worst team plus minus Flyers defenders Kevin Connaughton and Ronnie Attard in the game. 12 of the 18 skaters in the Flyers finished in negative with a plus and minus. 3 Flairs players somehow managed to be positive: Travis Sanheim (+1), James van Rimsdijk (+1) and Morgan Frost (+1).


That’s the high number of PIMs Evgeny Kuznetsov scored in the season after being thrown late in the third inning. Kuznetsov tried to fight Travis Konichi after Travis Sanheim got rough with Trevor van Rimsdijk and Conor Sherry.

Speaking of Van Rimsedijk…


This is the number Van Rimsdijk played in the game, James and Trevor. That’s also how much Van Riemsdyks the disc veered off at JVR’s second goal of the match in the third inning.

The fun of winning. Let’s do it again on Thursday!

Banner photo: pennybacker