April 24, 2024

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Road rage: A driver shoots a man and his wife with the middle finger

Road rage: A driver shoots a man and his wife with the middle finger

A Texas man is seeking justice after his 37-year-old wife tragically died in road rage after she pointed the finger at the driver of the vehicle that rear-ended her on the road.

“I want to arrest him, prosecute him, put him in jail. I want to know that he didn’t shoot at a car, ‘The End.’ He killed someone who didn’t look like anybody,” the victim’s husband, Jane Jones, told NBC5 on Tuesday. Place said.

Paola Nunez Linares, 37, was shot in the head Monday morning in Hurst, near Dallas, after a driver dangerously overtook the vehicle she was riding in with her husband.

US media continued, except that the situation would have deteriorated after a dangerous driver overtook the couple’s van.

“I gave him the middle finger. She always told me not to do it because you never know,” her husband continued bitterly.

The man, who was driving a small, dark-colored vehicle, then allegedly pulled out a gun and fired several shots at the couple.

The woman was reportedly shot in the head when her husband took the first route to stop at a gas station and call the police.

“I thought she got away […] I told her to “call 911” but she didn’t answer. I looked up and saw that she hadn’t bent down [pour esquiver]She collapsed,” the person said.

Paola Nunez Linares, who immigrated from Guatemala in search of a better life after being attacked five times and receiving gunshot threats, died from her injuries overnight Monday into Tuesday, NBC5 reported.

For now, no arrests are on the file, and the police force is asking for the public’s and any witnesses’ help to place a hand on the shooter’s collar.

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A fundraising campaign was set up by the husband for the victim’s funeral.