April 24, 2024

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Kyiv’s counter-offensive “not moving that fast”, admits Ukrainian president | War in Ukraine

Kyiv’s counter-offensive “not moving that fast”, admits Ukrainian president |  War in Ukraine

Andriï Yermak, the head of the Ukrainian presidential administration, admitted on Friday that the counter-offensive in Kyiv, which faces resistance from Russian forces, was “not progressing so quickly”.

She wasn’t moving so fast todayMr. A small media group including Iermak saidAFPHe admitted that the fights were tough. If we find it wrong, we will say so. No one will beautify situation, he added.

Western allies have not put pressure on Kyiv in this regard, Mr. Iermak promised. No pressure, just one question: “And how can we help you?”He promised.

Everyone in the world understands that pressure on Ukraine is impossibleConsidered the right-hand man of President Volodymyr Zelensky, Mr. Iermak promised.

Ukraine will not negotiate with Russia as long as Moscow’s troops remain on Ukrainian territory, Andriï Yermak argued.

Our position is very clear. It is even possible to think about these negotiations only after Russian troops leave our territorysaid the officer. Everyone understands that we are not going to talk to the Russians Before that, he continued.

1.7 km progress in one week towards Melitopol

In addition, the Ukrainian army claims to have advanced 1.7 kilometers in a week, towards Melitopol in the southern zone of the front, a senior Ukrainian official announced on Friday.

Ukrainian Armed Forces Continue to carry out offensive operations In the direction of Melitopol, an important Ukrainian city under Russian control, and The attacking forces, supported by tanks, advanced 1.7 km A week in this area, a spokesman, Colonel Mykola Ourchalovitch noted during a conference.

This representative of the Ukrainian National Guard, around Kherson, Defensive forces will continue to pressure the enemy Through reconnaissance and combat operations Prepare the area for offensive operations.

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In eastern Ukraine, National Guard units prepare a bridgehead to expand their offensive towards AvdivkaHe added that there was a fight there recently.

Ukrainian-controlled Avdiivka is a city of nearly 30,000 people with the Russian-controlled regional capital Donetsk.