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Robert Kraft says it annoys him that the Patriots haven’t won a playoff game in three years

Robert Kraft says it annoys him that the Patriots haven't won a playoff game in three years

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Robert Kraft and New England Patriots He dominated the NFL for more than 20 years, winning six Super Bowls and dozens of playoff victories.

But the Patriots have found themselves in a period of drought for the past three years, which would not raise many alarms for any ordinary club.

However, for the Patriots owner, who is used to success, three years without winning a post-season game is too long.


Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots, gestures to fans as his team prepares before the NFL football game against the New York Jets in East Rutherford, New Jersey on October 21, 2019.
(AP Photo/Bill Kostroun, File)

“I’m a Patriots fan, big time, first,” Kraft said Tuesday at the NFL’s annual meeting in Palm. “More than anything, it bothers me that we haven’t been able to win a playoff game in the past three years.” Beach, Florida.

“I think we have an incredible two decades,” Kraft added. “After my family, nothing is more important to me than the New England Patriots and winning football matches. That is my passion, so all I can do, and hope in a small way to make it happen, I am there. Glad we haven’t won a playoff in three years So I think about it a lot.”

Prior to the past three years, the Patriots had reached the Divisional Round at least in every post-season since 2010. The team lost on the Wild Card Tour in 2019 and 2021 and failed to make the post-season ever in 2020.

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The Patriots’ last post-season win was a 13-3 win over the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LIII – with a quarterback Tom Brady on the rudder.

Tom Brady of the New England Patriots and owner Robert Kraft celebrate winning the Super Bowl LIII title in Atlanta, Georgia on February 3, 2019

Tom Brady of the New England Patriots and owner Robert Kraft celebrate winning the Super Bowl LIII title in Atlanta, Georgia on February 3, 2019
(Reuters/Mike Segar)

However, Kraft was upbeat, saying he expects the Patriots to be back in competition again “as soon as this year.”

“I think we’ve made commitments as an organization. I think we have a lot of talent, some great guys from last year and a couple in the weeds before. It’s an opportunity for them to grow and hopefully together, the team come together.”

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The Patriots spent tons of cash last season and picked quarterback Mac Jones (15th overall), defensive tackle Christian Barmore and return for Ramondry Stephenson in the draft. Jones helped the Patriots hit a 10-7 record and a wild card berth last season, but the team was blown away in the playoffs by the Buffalo Bills.

Kraft said he was happy about last year’s draft, and expressed optimism about his team’s future, particularly given that the Patriots still have the best coach in NFL history, Bill Belichick.

Kraft also spoke about the importance of having a great draft this year, and he knows it’s essential for the team to get back into after the season.

“I’m glad we had a big draft last year, making up for what happened in the past four years or so,” Kraft said. “I’m looking forward to having a great draft this year. It’s the only way you can build your team long-term and consistently, have a chance to win, and have a good draft.”


“So we have a chance. Without a good coach and a good centre-back, no matter how good the other players are, I don’t think you can win consistently. I hope we have a great coach and a good young prospect in the quarterback.”