July 3, 2022

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Russia: A military plane crashes on the border with Ukraine

Moscow | A Russian military plane has crashed Tuesday in the Rostov region near the Ukrainian border, killing its pilot, the southern military district news service reported.

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“On June 21, a Su-25 crashed in the Rostov region during a planned training flight. The pilot is dead, ”the source said, citing Russian media outlets.

“According to preliminary information, the incident may have been caused by a technical glitch. The Russian Space Force Commission is operating in the area, ”officials said.

According to the Interfox agency, the pilot was the only person on board. The Su-25 is a Soviet-made armored attack aircraft.

Authorities have denied any involvement in the ongoing Russian military offensive in Ukraine on the border with the Rostov region.

On June 17, another Su-25 crashed in the Belgorod region on the Ukrainian border, during a training flight, raising the possibility of a technical problem with the military.

Russia has repeatedly accused itself of carrying out attacks on Russian soil along the border with Ukraine in recent months.

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