June 15, 2024

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Satanism: The man who murdered two London sisters has been sentenced to life in prison

London, United Kingdom | A young man convicted of the Satanic double murder in June 2020 near London was sentenced to life in prison on Thursday, which has been widely criticized by police.

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Daniel Hussein, 19, was convicted in July of killing two black sisters, Nicole Smallman, 27, and FIFA Henry, 46, in a park in Wembley, north-west London.

The Old Bailey Court ruled that he had “campaigned for revenge” against these women who had been randomly selected for failing to win the lottery. Police found in his room a handwritten text with the signature of Lucifer Robokel (said to be the prime minister of the underworld) killing six women once every six months in exchange for wealth.

During Thursday’s hearing, Judge Philippe Whipple sentenced Danal Hussein to life in prison with a minimum of 35 years in prison for “brutally murdering” these two women.

Absolutely “foreign” to the sisters, the accused “surprised”, “frightened” and “killed” with 8 and 28 punches, respectively, before tying the bodies in a bush to “pollute” them in death, the judge insisted.

“I firmly believe that you committed these murders as part of a (satanic) pact to gain wealth and power,” he added. Is part of Hussein’s faith system.

Confused by DNA evidence after cutting himself at the scene of the crime, Daniel Hussein refused to testify at his trial, saying he was not responsible for the double murder or the making of the deal. Within ten days of the murder, he had tied the lottery tickets or bet over 160 pounds and had not won.

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On Tuesday, the British Police (IOPC) strangled Scotland Yard’s errors and “unacceptable” attitude in the matter.

Relatives of the two sisters announced their disappearance very quickly after celebrating someone’s birthday in the park on June 5th. But deficiencies in the processing of the information obtained led to the closure of research files. Their relatives found the bodies on June 7.

Two police officers have been charged with gross misconduct in their duties for filming and sharing pictures of themselves at the scene of the double murder.

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