April 23, 2024

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UN General Assembly | Dinosaur warns humans about climate change

Velocroft is the new star in the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) campaign to condemn fossil fuel subsidies.

Stephen Place
Canadian Press

In the opening days of the 2021 Glasgow Climate Change Conference, the UNDP released a short film in which a dinosaur explodes at the UN General Assembly, urging world leaders to implement real solutions to tackle the climate crisis.

“At least we had an asteroid. What’s your apology?” Asks the bipolar of the audience of celebrities.

“Every year your governments spend hundreds of millions of dollars on public funds to subsidize fossil fuels. Imagine if dinosaurs had spent billions to build a giant meteorite. This is what you are doing now!”

One of the aims of the UNDP’s “Do Not Choose Destruction” campaign is to demonstrate how fossil fuel subsidies “significantly change climate change gains and fuel imbalances by benefiting the rich.”

Actor Jack Black (in English) and actress Assa Mica (in French) lent their voices to the character of the dinosaur.

“The film should be entertaining and at the same time create awareness of the urgency of the situation. If we want to ensure the safety of our planet for future generations, we must all take decisive action to combat climate change, ”said Ulrika Motor, Director of the UNDP Foreign Relations and Law Office.

During the last election campaign, Justin Trudeau promised to remove subsidies for the fossil fuel industry in Canada from 2025 to 2023.

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