June 24, 2024

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Sent home by nurses: US mother gives birth in hospital parking lot

Sent home by nurses: US mother gives birth in hospital parking lot

A pregnant Arizona woman who went to a hospital Monday in severe pain was reportedly sent home three times by nurses before giving birth in the hospital parking lot early in the morning.

“It’s really traumatic,” Lucy Villanueva, the mother of the new mother, told Nashville television station WSMV on Monday, the New York Post reported Thursday.

Last week, his pregnant daughter, Sherazad Vedarte-Gonzalez, reportedly visited the hospital three times to make sure everything was okay as she experienced severe pain near the end of her pregnancy.

In fact, American media reported that the expectant mother expecting a girl had to be artificially induced on Saturday.

When he made his third appearance at the hospital around 1 a.m. on Monday, he was sent home again by medical staff on site.

Except when she got home, the pain was so intense that the expectant mother and her own mother rushed back to Banner Casa Grande Medical Center in Phoenix, where she gave birth in her van two hours after her return. House.

“She said to me, “Mom, it’s starting! We must go! It will happen! I feel it. He already left,” I couldn’t believe it… When I opened the door, I already saw the face. I don’t know what to do,” the new grandmother continued.

Little Luspella would have been out so quickly that her grandmother would not have had time to get emergency personnel. It was only once she placed the child in her mother’s arms that she left her for help.

Fortunately, both mother and daughter are said to be fine, and both were quickly taken care of.

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For its part, the medical center denied sending the woman home, instead indicating that the mother-to-be returned home of her own free will, the “NY Post” reported.

“Scherazade Luz Vedarte-Gonzalez was seen and evaluated before delivery. She was not in active labor and chose to return home. She gave birth several hours later. We are happy that she and her baby are doing well after delivery,” the center told WSMV in a press release.